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When it comes to patios and walkways, sometimes that informal look just fits better.

Consider natural flagstone and see if our ideas match with yours.


And we love small jobs too!

  • This walkway in Ford's Colony is part of the patio in the next image, and crosses over the stream connectiong a pond and waterfall.
  • This image is the main area of the patio.
  • This walkway in Ford's Colony connects the pond to the side yard.
  • This large patio in Surry county, which has a built-in firepit, connects to a large water feature with ponds & waterfalls.
  • This terraced walkway leads from the patio in the previous image, to the existing upper patio.
  • This patio in Ford's Colony replaced a deck, and ties in, via short walkway to the pond which we created.
  • This walkway connects from the patio in the previous image, across the yard to the driveway.
  • This walkway, also in Ford's Colony, follows the contour of the existing shrubbery.
  • This wide walkway in Piney Creek connects from the drive to the waterfall & pond.