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Natural stone is beautiful, and accents nearly every residential environment.

Our stone work is always a custom creation by Andrew Warner; we do not send out a crew for installation.


Here are just a few of our projects.

  • These pillars and low wall in Ford's Colony were built to define the entrance to the rear garden area.
  • This wall in Ford's Colony was constructed to raise and level a planting area.
  • This double wall in Ford's Colony replaced the original timber bulkhead. It runs the entirety of the rear yard and incorporates a waterfall & pond.
  • This wall in Holly Ridge, combined with a rock garden retains the terracing we created into a sloping front yard.
  • This wall in Ford's Colony solves erosion problems due to lot slope, and also adds aesthetic qualities.

Dry stacked stone walls are both practical and visually appealing.

Whether it is used on a slope to alleviate erosion problems, or a decorative feature, there is nothing to compare with natural stone.

Visit The English Connection for more information and examples of our work.