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Here are some of our water feature projects, most of them in Williamsburg - Ford's Colony, Queens Lake, Powhatan Secondary & Toano.

The next slideshow features a project from start to finish.

The bottom slideshow shows a few more of our water features.

Tree Frog

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From the small bubbler to the large pond, the sound of water adds tranquility and visual impact, attracting birds and other beneficial wildlife.

Every feature created by The English Connection is unique - bubblers, fountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, formal and informal.

We customize to your needs and imagination - the possibilities are endless.

  • This is a series of photos displaying a project in Surry, VA from start to finish. This pile of rubble was used to build up the waterfall.
  • The area for the streem and smaller waterfalls was sculpted
  • Here, you can see the bottom pond has been excavated and sculpted by hand
  • In this photo, the secondary pond basin has been sculpted
  • The top waterfall is formed using blocks for stability
  • Here, and in the following two photos, the pond liner is installed
  • Compost is installed to create a sloped, rockery area for planting around the waterfall mound
  • Here, the process of arranging the fieldstone to present a very natural appearance is started
  • Fieldstone placement is crucial to the overall appearance of the finished water feature
  • After placement of fieldstone, we plant a large variety of perennials, small shrubs/conifers, and groundcovers which will provide interest throughout the seasons
  • This is a view of the completed water feature